Advertising Audience

Integrates Salesforce leads and contacts with world's most popular advertising platforms: Wechat, Tiktok, Toutiao, Baidu, Weibo, Tencent, OceanEngine, Google, Facebook.

Acquire New Customers

  • Acquire new customer by creating lookalikes of existing Salesforce leads and contacts.
  • Re-engage inactive subscribers and customers on another channel.
  • Extend your email program’s reach by coordinating advertising and email.

Targeted Advertisement

  • Reaching existing Salesforce leads and contacts with targeted and specific advertisement.
  • Drive conversions and loyalty by reaching customers with relevant and timely messaging for a better customer experience.

Save Advertising Cost

  • Exclude existing Salesforce leads and contacts for acquisition advertisement to save cost.
  • Suppress customers when necessary such as those who already purchased a certain product when advertising a promotion for that product.