Digital Marketing in China
using Salesforce

Engage customers in China through emails, SMS, telemarketing, advertising network and social networks within Salesforce. Native Salesforce solution, your data remain safe within Salesforce.

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Built for sales and marketing teams in China


Increase email delievery rate in China. Deliver to China's most popular personal email providers:,,,

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Be able to send Chinese charactors in SMS through China local mobile network operator: China Mobile, China Unicom & China Telecom; NOT blocked.

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Be able to make and receive phone calls to and from China within Salesforce. Up and running in minutes without any hardware or server prerqusites.

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Targeting customers in China through China's biggest local advertising network; Wechat, Tiktok, Baidu, Weibo, Tencent, OceanEngine.

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Engage customers within Wechat and Weibo. Send broadcasting messages to all followers and template message to specific customer.

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Short URL & QR Code with Tracking

  • Generate short URL and QR code for your outbound message
  • tracking the URL click rate and analysis campaign performance
  • Support email, SMS, advertising & social network messages
  • URL accessable from China !!!

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